Staff of test flight institute, Chengdu Engine Company and representatives of PLA air force post for a photo to celebrate the success of the test. Photo by AVIC website

  China’s Il-76 series of aircrafts and H-6k bombers have to use Russian D-30 engines. reports that according to a report by the website of AVIC Chengdu Engine Company on January 9, on December 6, 2014, it has completed the test flight of a new type of aircraft engine. The test was carried out for 80 days from September 6 and proved that the engine worked steadily with all parameters remaining normal.
The report has not revealed the type of the engine but previously there was foreign media report that Chengdu Engine Company was developing an engine codenamed Woshan-18 (Turbofan-18) similar to D-30.
Source: “China obtains historical breakthrough in successfully testing a new-type military engine” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)

Some media pictures

Russian navy transporting two Akula II class submarine for refit


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