Recently, Long-march 7 stands in Hainan Wenchang satellite launch site. Space news previously reported, new rocket will be put into use in 2016. The LM7 by "two and a half" configuration, carrying capacity will reach 13.5 tons in low earth orbit, sun synchronous orbit 5500 kilograms.

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Long March 7  specs

Function Large carrier rocket
Manufacturer CALT
Country of origin  People's Republic of China
Height 52-57 m
Diameter core stage 3.35 m, booster 2.25 m
Mass 579-582 tons
Stages 2.5
Payload to
5,500 kilograms (12,100 lb)
Associated rockets
Family Long March
Comparable Delta IV, Atlas V, Angara (rocket family)
Launch history
Status Development
Launch sites unknown
First flight 2016
Boosters (Stage 0) - K2 booster
No. boosters 4
Engines 1 YF-100
Thrust 1,200 kN
Burn time
Fuel Kerosene/LOX
First stage - K3 core module
Engines 2 YF-100
Thrust 2,400 kN
Burn time
Fuel Kerosene/LOX
Second stage
Engines 1 YF-100
Thrust (1,200 kN)
Burn time
Fuel Kerosene/LOX


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