New Canon-fired Missiles

Yesterday, published a report on China’s new generation of cannon-fired missiles that will soon be commissioned.
The website’s reporter learnt from tests of the missiles that the missile can adjust its trajectory in its short flight to hit its target accurately. There are a series of such missiles for guns of various types and calibers. They can be fired from various types of Chinese armored vehicles and equipment to lengthen their range and improve the accuracy of their attack.

Israel has developed its semi-active laser homing low-weight anti-tank guided missiles since 1992.
 They are canon-fired missiles that can be launched from various guns of the caliber of 105mm and 120mm. It seems that China has got such missiles or their technology from Israel and developed on its own a new generation of such missiles.
The report, in addition, emphasized that China has independently designed and made all the key parts of the new missiles. From such emphasis, we know that before China’s development of a new generation of such missiles on its own, it imported at least key parts of the missiles from abroad. I believe from Israel.
The website said that the new generation of missiles have passed finalization tests and will soon be commissioned.
Source: “PLA’s new generation of canon-fired missile will be commissioned to enhance strike capability”

Type-10 large-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle



This sniper rifle with laser sighting, can automatically correct the aiming point.
According to CCTV news, the 10-type large-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle have diameter 12.7 mm, with a maximum range of 2 km, the effective range of 1.5 kilometers, within 1 km of the target precision strike. 10 sniper rifle is about 40 cm than 88 sniper rifles, 10 sniper rifle weighs 26 pounds, is more than three times the 88 sniper rifle.
According to reports, the 10-type large-caliber anti-armour sniper rifle is most characteristic sight to take laser sighting, can automatically correct the aiming point. The enemy implementation of an accurate shooter, you can also light armored targets helicopters, radar target implementation destruction of shooting. (Reporter: Du Li Hua)

Video Display


Type-95 (QBZ-95)



Type 95 in Sudan KAMBO future soldier system ?



photos from the IDEX 2013

AK-100 Series Assault Rifles Live Firing Promo


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