DF-21C carried by high mobility WS-2400 TEL.
DF-21C carried by high mobility WS-2400 TEL

DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles striking  aircraft carrier battle group in game Honor and Duty.

Qianzhan.com’s says in its report yesterday: DF-21 series of ballistic missies are China’s most advanced ballistic missiles with accuracy close to cruise missiles They are capable of destroying US military bases in Japan. Among them, DF-21D is PLA’s means to deal with US aircraft carrier battle groups.
According to US intelligence, DF-21 and DF-21A carry nuclear warheads and respectively have ranges of at least 1,770 and 2,150 km while DF-21C carries conventional warheads and has a maximum range of 1,770 km. The anti-ship DF-21D has a range of 1,450 km, but some US media says its range is 3,000 km.
Western media has disclosed that China mainly deploys the missiles in Liaoning, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and Qinghai. However, as far back as in 2010, Canada’s Kanwa Defense Review published a report on the deployment of such missiles in Laiwu, Shandong. At the same time it published a satellite photo of China’s deployment of some of its military facilities. Judging by the photo, what China had deployed in Shandong were DF-21 intermediate-range missiles. Kanwa believes that the range of the missiles cover most military bases in Japan.
Chinese military has recently made public some photos of the drill of missile troops on snow-covered mountains in northern China. Upon analysis of the photos, some military experts believe that the photos were taken on Changbai Mountains, Jilin Province. It means that China has deployed DF-21 series of missiles there to cover entire Japan. Moreover, the DF-21D missiles deployed there can blockade Japan.

Source: qianzhan.com “China’s strategic missiles have successful deterrence: Deployment of DF-21 on Changbai Mountains to Blockade the Sea of Japan?”
China deploys DF-21 nuclear missiles, capable of destroying US military bases in Japan | China Daily Mail


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