Some design of J-10C carries the full text of Hong Kong’s Mingpao January 23 article titled “Shanghai Building 50,000-ton amphibious warship” by Hong Kong military commentator Liang Tianren.
Liang says that he wrote a long article three years ago that disclosed development of a 40,000-ton amphibious attack worship or helicopter carrier. In November that year, Real Admiral Yin Zhuo disclosed at CCTV that was developing a 40,000-ton amphibious attack warship. Later in 2013, a official website revealed a list of 18 kinds of equipment Navy is to develop during China’s twelfth five-year plan (2011-2015), in which homegrown aircraft carrier no. 001 is item 7 while 50,000-ton amphibious attack warship is item 10.
China has built three Type 071 landing platform dock with quite strong landing capabilities, but they have the shortcomings of insufficient fire power and command hardware and limited air support and cannot serve as the cores of Chinese fleets far away from shore.
Has an urgent need for a large amphibious attack warship that carries advanced VTOL aircrafts to dominate the air and helicopters and landing crafts to send ground troops in to protect its investment.
According to the article, 50,000 amphibious attack warship will be 265 meters long and carry six fixed-wing aircrafts and four large helicopters on its deck. It will be accompanied by two Zubr LCACs.
Liang said that is developing stealth VTOL J-10 fighter jets. The amphibious attack warship will carry 12 J-10s.
It will, in addition, carry 10 to 20 helicopters of various types, drones and other New-concept flying vehicles. As a result, it is comparable in capabilities to Britain’s Queen Elizebeth aircraft carrier.
Shanghai’s Jiangnan Changxing Shipyard is building such a warship quickly section by section. It is expected that the sections will be assembled into one warship to be launched next year the latest. The shipyard will build 3 more such warships.
The shipyard is, in addition, building a 12,000-ton large destroyer. Shanghai is to build three more Type 071 large LDPs and conduct series production of Type 052D destroyers. Due to such heavy workload, it will not build any aircraft carrier.
Source: “Hong Kong media says China is building 50,000-ton amphibious warship to carry J-10 VTOL fighters”


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