The Type 87 (also known as QLZ87) 35 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL) is an air-cooled, gas operated, fully automatic weapon and is crew transportable (12~20 kg) with limited amounts of ammunition. It can fire a variety of 35 mm grenades stored in the 6-, 9-, or 12-round cartridge drum. The Type 87 is described by NORINCO as "Mini Infantry Artillery". The 35 mm grenade pierces armour up to 80 mm thick and produces fragments to kill or wound personnel within 10 meters of the point of impact. The Type 87 can fire on a tripod or by using the bipod fixed on the barrel. It can also be mounted on armoured vehicles or helicopters. The launcher is capable of attacking low-flying air targets as well as targets on the ground.

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QLZ-87 grenade launcher,



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