"Rabbit" in exercises in Tibet.



Railway is the main transport mechanisms on the Tibetan plateau and the railway is protected by anti-aircraft missile batteries against IAF Su-30 MKIs.

The entire India XVII Corps, with its headquarters at Panagarh in West Bengal, will however be fully raised with 90,274 troops at a cost of Rs 64,678 crore only by 2018-2019. With units spread across the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control (LAC) from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, the corps will have two high-altitude infantry divisions (59 Div at Panagarh and 72 Div at Pathankot) with their integral units, two independent infantry brigades, two armoured brigades and the like. It will  also include 30 new infantry battalions and two Para-Special Forces battalions.

From :  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Army-chief-reviews-mountain-strike-corps/articleshow/34795843.cms

Then, there is also the plan for infrastructure development on the "northern borders" or the LAC at a cost of Rs 26,155 crore
From the raising of XVII Corps and development of the over 5,000-km Agni-V intercontinental ballistic missile to the progressive deployment of Sukhoi-30MKI fighters, spy drones, helicopters and missile squadrons in the eastern theatre, India has belatedly taken to countering China's menacing build-up of trans-border military capabilities and infrastructure all along the LAC.



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