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Newest AEW&C KJ-500 Changed into Air Force Coating



Drawing based on high resolution pics:

Two new KJ-500 AWACS, to replace KJ-200, using Y-9 plane and install new 3-gen AEWACS
the KJ-500 is said to rival,and supersede in some aspects,its big brother the KJ-2000。








KJ-200 [​IMG]


Y-8 & Y-9 family

In Jan 5, a report on huanqiu.com about an AEW&C aircraft in Chinese air force coating. The website suspects that the aircraft is a KJ-500. However, KJ-500 is a codename given by Chinese military fans. There have so far been no official information of the existence of such an aircraft. According to the photo posted in huanqiu.com’s report, the aircraft uses Y-9 as its platform, which means it can carry 20 ton fuel and have a longer range.
 It is believed that it is better than the KJ-2000 AEW&C aircrafts already in service especially a better radar.
The success in developing KJ-500 enables China to be free from relying on Russian supply of Il-76 heavy freight aircraft as its platform. However, as China has tested two prototypes of its homegrown Y-20 heavy transport with larger loading capacity than Il-76, China may develop a heavier AEW&C aircraft than KJ-500 in the future.
Source: huanqiu.com “Suspected KJ-500 coated in air force coating” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)


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