Janes: China May Have Begun Series Production of J-20 Stealth Fighter

There has been much speculation about China’s progress in developing its J-20 stealth fighter jets as China has recently turned out more J-20 prototypes and conducted 60 test flights of such prototypes.
Britain’s Jane’s Defense Weekly believes that new J-20 prototype no. 2011 may be an initial engineering sample. Its emergence may signal the commencement of small batch production of J-20 in 2015.
The new prototype is equipped with active phased array radar and photoelectric tracking system for accurate strike. In addition, there is new improvement in the tail of prototype no. 2015 that conducted its maiden flight at the end of 2014.
According to Russia media’s speculation, flight training of J-20 will begin in 2015 the earliest. The fighter may be commissioned by 2017 and begin to be combat worthy by 2019. It obviously has some problems compared with US F-22 and Russian T-50, however, it proves China’s unimaginable speed in developing aviation science and technology.
Global Times “Foreign media guess that series production of J-20 has begun: speed of development beyond imagination”


Leaked info about J-20, AC and 055 destroyer

AC 001A has high possibility to appear in 2015

055 has started construction
it has two phases; phase A and phase B
its combat displacement is 12,000 metric tons
engines; 4 QC280, gas turbine Hybrid Electric propulsion system for phase A, and phase B is integrated electric propulsion (IEP) system
no rail gun or any sort of plasma gun```but do have a laser device (he did not specify)
its Third Gen dual bands AESA is a class of its own, not even the AMDR specially designed for Arleight Burke Flight III can match its capability
has 96-112 units of VLS
new long range anti-air missile
, much more capable than HQ-9
Long range cruise missile

J-20 No.2015 is very close to final condition,
J-20 doesnt use Russian 99M2 as most foreign 'experts' and Russia media claimed
it uses improved third gen turbofan, domestic
phase A wont have WS-15 but domestic improved third gen turbofan, Max 14.3 metric tons thrusts
phase B will be fit with WS-15

J-20 deployment version will have soft laser weapon, not to shoot down a plane or kill a ground target, but to 'kill' infrared guided missiles


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