Caihong-4 reconnaissance-attack drone.

Generally, a drone can only attack a ground target from a height less than 10,000 feet, but Caihong-4 drone can attack from 16,400 feet.
That unique capability is of great tactical significance in terms of safety and instant attack upon detection of a target. How is the drone capable of doing so?
First, its unique design enables it to cruise at the height of 16,400 feet.
Second it is armed with AR-1 active laser missile that is capable of locking on and attacking ground target from such a height.
This drone capability is without rival in the world. It proves China’s research and design capability, especially the research and development are funded by enterprises on their own without government funding.
The enterprises have to recover their research and development expense by marketing the weapons developed by them in the international market. The keen competition on the international market will force them to enhance their ability.
Source: “Chinese drone’s unique capability of attacking ground target with missile from the height of 16,400 feet”

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