The new multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system consists of a cross-country YJ2080 (4×4) chassis with a fully protected cab with automatic launcher for Siber-ER missiles.

Is designed to engage existing and future combat tanks protected by explosive reactive armor, light armored vehicles, fortifications, surface low-speed air targets (helicopters, UAVs, assault aircrafts) by day and at night in adverse weather conditions as well as in optical and radio jamming environment.

The new multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system closely comparator to the Russian Kornet-EM multi-purpose long-range antitank guided missile system.
The Kornet-EM, uses SACLOS. A more accurate comparator to the Kornet-EM would be the HJ-8;
The Saber-ER missile likely uses infrared-homing like the HJ-12 or TS-01. 

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