Dongfeng 26, the data show that the effective range of the missile in about 4000 km. A new medium range ballistic missiles, anti-ship ballistic missile. 

Characteristics of the Dongfeng 26D (DF-26D)

1. Relying on the rapid launch
Dongfeng 26 missile in this mobile combat capability has a strong foundation, to completely get rid of the launch position for a long time, not only greatly improves the missile survivability, but also effectively enhance the emission efficiency, the real implementation of the Dongfeng missile go wherever the combat capability.

2. Can also carry electromagnetic pulse warhead and conventional warheads
To break through the missile defense system, must strengthen the ability of radar interference. As everyone knows, the core of the missile defense system is the guidance radar, such as the core of Patriot missile defense system is the AN\/MPQ-65 multifunction phased array radar, "the core of aegis missile defense system is the AN\/SPY-1D multifunction phased array radar. The battle with the conventional Dongfeng-26 hybrid launch electronic jamming device of the warhead installation, can interfere with the core of enemy radar in missile defense system, even will destroy the electronic system, so that it can not effectively detect, track and identify target warhead may also be disrupted, node information and link information work the enemy anti missile system, so as to achieve the purpose of the missile attack.

3. The use of high angle of attack, the Mach 20 attack speed
The new missile has achieved a great breakthrough in the technology leapfrogging and strategic weapon combat capability of the air rudder maneuvering aircraft from Mach 12 to the Mach  18. Active flight takes a number of key technologies, such as "down the trajectory, non continuous boost direct sliding", "melon petal separation" between the stages, and the morphing wing separation of gliding aircraft". This shows that the Dongfeng-26 missile can achieve high speed penetration of Mach 20. The United States had to determine the development of China's precision guided long-range missile using hypersonic glider aircraft, from the edge of the space to 8 to 12 times the speed of sound reentry, which is to speed up to 14688 km per hour penetration. The official disclosure Dongfeng-26 missiles 20 Mach re-entry speed, as well as high angle of attack glide trajectory and other technologies.

In 2016 at the American Heritage Foundation meeting, experts Chinese military U.S. Naval War College. Thomas Mccann's speech at the U.S. military is able to represent the mood: "we must admit that there Chinese Dongfeng -26 and a series of new weapons, ending a decades old age, which means that the United States foreign military power projection capability, can not be threatened, or rarely threatened era has ended, the time has gone for ever.


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