Quantum radar technology experiment

How many quantum radars are there?
Dianke fourteen recently on the official WeChat revealed that the quantum radar principle prototype has been developed which can detect hundreds of kilometers, successfully passed the acceptance of a same type of radar prototype, first breakthrough hundred kilometers power, Chinese completed the remote test quantum radar prototype come to the forefront of the world.

Where's the quantum radar technology?

Quantum radar technology can be used to detect and identify the traditional radio frequency stealth platforms and weapon systems. It provides a new technical approach for accurate detection of stealthy targets. Faced with the new information war, quantum radar may become a revolutionary technology, as the emergence of radio frequency stealth technology at the end of the last century, quantum radar will develop into "RF stealth technology" nemesis.

Stealth target image detected by quantum radar

In fact, even the world's most advanced stealth aircraft can not disappear without a trace in front of the radar, and once locked, it will be difficult to escape anti-aircraft missile strikes. In addition, the quantum beam used by quantum radar is independent of the transmission medium, so it can detect the target of deep-sea submarine freely.

The advent of quantum radar has become the terminator of stealth aircraft Chinese announced that it has mastered the quantum radar manufacturing technology, let us more is heavy-hearted, once Chinese quantum radar is put into use, the U.S. F-22, F-35, B-21 stealth aircraft and stealth submarines will have no place to hide. Its destiny can be imagined... .

F-22 stealth fighters

According to the American air force lieutenant general Arnold bunche, in order to ensure the air leading position, being developed by B-21 may be the only option to change the current situation. Considering the increasing number of advanced air defense systems in some countries, plans to set up more than 165 B-21 aircraft fleets in order to meet the future combat needs.

According to The Pentagon data, the B-21 bomber will be priced at $550 million. That is to say, if the requirements for the formation of 165 scale clusters are met, about 90000000000 dollars will be invested. If China's quantum radar technology once applied, or may allow the U.S. air force to invest about 90000000000 US dollars to build B-21 fleet useless.


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