J-10C with a gray coating.

Integrated active phased array radar in fire control system, the positive development of the J-10A/B project has already begun with the next generation of aircraft configuration, all innovative solutions now reflected in this J-10C change model. Its appearance and connotation has been close to the level of the fifth generation fighter.

 According to the Russian military observer published an article entitled "J-10C aircraft company to make the western headache" article said that J-10C multifunctional fighter can be easily classified in the 4++ generation, the installation of conformal tank, can also add a "+", because the plane already belongs to the fifth generation of local. Very compact wing missile racks also prove this point. But the J-10C can effectively combat the Western fifth generation fighter and its transition models?
Some Chinese military experts believe that the battle between J-10C and F-22A can be exchanged for 3:1 (J-10A is negligible 50:1). So, why come to this conclusion?

Although the service has more than a decade but still potent F-22A

J-10C is the strongest and most modern China stealth fourth generation fighter, it is no wonder that Russian experts will become the first 4+++ generation fighter, is second only to Chinese fifth generation jet fighters J-20 models.

The reason is because the radar cross section of J-10C (RCS) of about 1 square meters, basically can be said to be a quasi stealth fighter, but much lower than the J-10A/B, but more than 1/10 fighter J-11A/B fighter. Allegedly, stealth fighters J-10C design is very unique, and had also J-20 technology used by different, the casing surface can make the radar wave radar waves into the body, by the machine components in the absorption and consumption of radar wave, so that it can not be reflected back.

Although this result still J-10C compare F-22A RCS 0.07 square meters is much higher, but the ability of the F-22A and J-10C fighters to compete, this is mainly due to the J-10C new digital integrated avionics system, also installed active phased array radar is very advanced, so it has long detection distance and anti strong anti-interference ability, and can be carried with remote air-to-air missile, achieved the international 4 generation semi or 4+++ generation fighter standard. It can be said, compared with the other models of the J-10 series, the performance of the J-10C has been significantly improved significantly.

CCTV reported that the J-10C has a special ability to resist stealth

However, the main reason to compete with F-22A or from the carrying of the airborne J-10C radar and air-to-air missiles. About the J-10C equipped with active phased array radar, the information is currently very little information, but it should be significantly beyond the J-10B radar, and the use of airborne J-20 radar technology in the same category.

It is said that the use of this active phased array radar, you can ensure that the J-10C has the ability to detect the F-22A in the 100 km distance, and can guide the airborne PL-12C or thunderbolt PL-21 air to air missile launched in the middle distance attack. As we all know, the thunder PL-12C using active radar guidance head, a range of 70 km, the maximum motor overload 38G, can intercept any target within the maximum maneuver overload 12G, the ability to attack F-22A.

PL-21 is Chinese and break new BVR air-to-air missile, a maximum range of 150 kilometers, the ramjet engine can be accelerated to 4.5 Mach, it has the ability to meet the high speed F-22A provocation. That is to say, if you encounter F-22A, J-10C if it is not kept within 100 kilometers away from war, then F-22A will lose the advantage of stealth fighter. J-10C, have the opportunity to use the advanced air-to-air missile. Of course, this also depends on the J-10C take advantage of tactics, if they can reach better, and F-22A suddenly close to the distance in the encounter is the best reason to win.

J-10C test with the PL-10 missile

There is no doubt that the use of the right tactics and reasonable use of the defensive side of the great advantage of the J-10C is not without the opportunity to fight with F-22A close range. Although this opportunity will not be a lot, but it is not entirely without, and in this case, although the ability to maneuver F-22A is very good, but also can not escape the pursuit of the thunderbolt PL-9C or PL-10C air-to-air missile.

This advanced missile adopts air before the canard aerodynamic shape of the traditional, multi-element infrared seeker adopts programmable digital processor, using digital technology to improve the tracking ability of target recognition ability, which has a good anti background interference and artificial interference, but also can change the software program to deal with the infrared the emergence of new sources of interference, but also has the ability to maneuver up to 40G, so that the PL-9C has omni-directional attack ability is excellent.

Then with the use of the J-10C HMS, which will give the machine a deadly attack, so the Russian military experts judged that J-10C speed, acceleration and maneuverability can be comparable with the F-35B/C, but much better than any of the aircraft carrier aircraft in service with the United States such as F/A-18E/F, F-15E/F and F-16C/D, even some of the more than in the development of models such as F-15SE has a unique place, therefore have the ability to fight against F-22A is not surprising.

By  Chen Guangwen

KJ-500 can let J-10C such as tiger wings


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  1. That means it is one of the best fighters in the present world.

  2. So.. We r happy that Bangladesh will have 12 of them soon.

  3. So.. We r happy that Bangladesh will have 12 of them soon.