The evening of May 25th, CCTV program exposure, J-20 already equipped domestic engine.
J-20 will surpass in competitions with all fifth generation fighter and become the best fifth generation fighter in the service.
J-20 to assemble domestic engine rumors actually started in 2014, WS-15 "Emei" engine in research information is not a secret.
In May 23rd, Jacksonbobo released a J-20 2001 prototype photos, careful observation, 2001 photos on the engine with the engine before the release is not the same, some analysts believe that this is the 2001 prototype play warm-up, in the verification of domestic WS-15 turbofan engine.

The following picture is an early prototype of 2001. Compared with the photos released by 23 day users, it is found that two engines have changed.

Fighter development, new engine test, the general use of early prototypes, and Avionics radar using the latest test machine, the J-20 2001 prototype has appeared since 2011, has nearly 6 years of time, still play an important role.

Engine local contrast
The J-20 at the end of 2016 delivery Chinese air force, because the engine performance reasons, unable to achieve the maximum J-20, which is considered to be a fighter J-20 with the U.S. fleet of fifth generation fighter F-22 gap is the largest part, while in avionics, radar and flight, J-20 is thought to be more than ten years of service before F-22.

In 2017, users found a new outflow of J-20 photos, the nozzle of the two engines is very different, analysts believe that the domestic engine has been changed

This is the 2012 photo, J-20 2001 prototype, you can find that at this time, the two engines are basically the same shape, combined with different periods of 2001 photos observed, 2001 prototypes were tested several times.

6 different J-20 number verification machines
J-20 is expected to do things, once the change of turbofan WS-15, such as rumors of the same powerful, the J-20 will be in the competition surpassed F-22, become the best in the service of the fifth generation of fighters.
By then, the introduction of the "pulse", "line up", "Fei Cheng" will be like the next dumplings, the production of "J-20."


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