Wing Loong II UAV.
The chief designer of Wing Loong series UAV revealed that Wing Loong II had just secured the biggest export order in Chinese UCAV history.

AVIC unveiled a 'production-spec' version of the Wing Loong II strike-capable surveillance UAV for the first time in public since its soft launch at the Beijing Airshow in 2015. Source: IHS/Kelvin Wong
The Wing Loong II have low-wing monoplane slender fuselage and empennage with a prominent V-tail and ventral fin, each wing incorporates three underwing hardpoints for external stores.
The UAV is constructed from advanced composites, with the latest official literature quoting an overall length of 11 m, a wingspan of 20.5 m, and a height of 4.1 m.
Maximum speed of 370 km/h and service ceiling of 30,000 ft (9,000 m)
The Wing Loong II nevertheless improves on the first-generation Wing Loong I platform with twice the payload capacity at 400 kg and significantly improved endurance of 32 hours.



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