During the Zhuhai Air Show, AVIC demonstrated the video of the airdrop against UAV radar. 
The UAVs can be mounted in containers, carried by the transport aircraft, to combat the enemy radar system. The video shows the whole system's attack process. Cost-effectiveness evaluation of the entire combat system. "Inexpensive for transport, from a radar."
For radar and other electronic means of hard kill means of modern warfare is an important part of electronic warfare. The UAV on the radar system is not unique to combat. Israel's Harpy UAV is also used to attack radar. The need for ground control and launch vehicles, the aircraft industry exhibited the system to transport aircraft as a platform, system interface compatible with a variety of transport aircraft, you can get farther combat distance, to adapt to more complex battlefield surroundings.  

The transport itself is also more hidden.


airborne UAV anti-radar attack system
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