That J-20 has integrated the designs of various fighter jets including the shape of F-22’s nose, F-35’s electro-optical Distributed Aperture System, Russian T-50’s all-moving vertical stabilizer, etc. It is installed with active phased array radar and electronic warfare and electro-optical systems that very few countries in the world are able to make.
It is of excellent stealthy design and equipped with advanced navigation electronics and weapon systems strong enough to contend with any stealth fighter jets.
It can be a stealth reconnaissance aircraft. Its powerful information system enables it to be the command fighter jet of a fleet of non-stealth fighter jets like an AEW&C aircraft. It can also lead a fleet of drones to fight in the style of a swarm of bees.
As J-20 is the first stealth fighter to be deployed in Chinese air force. Chinese military will study new tactics and combat methods to integrate it with other advanced air battle equipment and technology and explore through training the way to give play to the optimal combat capabilities of all the equipment and technology combined. Chinese military will gradually develop a theory of combat centered on J-20 that will make J-20 the scariest weapon to enemy from abroad.
mil.huanqiu.com report "J-20 can contend with any fourth-generation fighter jet in the world, already world leader".

Close view of J-20’s engines. Credit: lt.cjdby.net/hdllmx
CCTV-4 Chinese international channel, special commentator well-known military expert Yin Zhuo in its Asia Today news program, says through the J-20 is using homegrown engines now.

J-10C has stealth capabilities

According to the report, J-10C is better than J-10B in shape to reduce drag. 
Moreover, Hong Kong military analyst Leung Kwok-leung says that J-10C has stealth capabilities entirely different from existing stealth warplanes.
The report says that as J-10C allows radar wave to penetrate into its fuselage to be absorbed and weakened inside so that the radar wave will not bound back to the radar. 
J-10C is thus invisible to radar. That is a brand new stealth technology entirely different from existing one. Mainland China is the first to apply it.
Compared with F-22, J-10C is also a stealth fighter jet and has very good maneuverability not to lose to F-22 in dogfight.


The AL-31FN Series 3 in J-10B

Zhuhai 2016

J-31 - FC-31.V1 + V2 - CG 1.jpg J-31 V1  +  J-31 V2  - CGI


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