AESA radar on J-10 B


Possible single large MFD panel for the J-10B...

Comparing to US Aircraft ... J-10 is 1200

A row of 14 J-10B fighters at the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation airfield. [​IMG]


The first J-10B production batch will be powered by Russian Saturn AL-31FN turbofans. Though an example powered by a Shenyang-Liming WS-10A turbofan emerged in July 2011, there is speculation that either insufficient performance or production may be delaying its adoption.

In April 2014 an Asian government source told IHS Jane's that in early 2014 the PLAAF had 220 J-10A and twin-seat J-10BS fighters, with this number estimated to increase to 400 by 2020. This could indicate an annual production rate of about 30 advanced J-10s.

These are from or for the so far not confirmed 2. Division: Agreed not all have their serials applied and they are blurred, but they are 100 % for sure not the already known four-digit 103x-serials of the prototypes.

J-10B maybe 10x3x - 2. Div.jpg  J-10B first operational unit - 14 aircraft - 10.1.14 - 1xs.jpg  J-10B first operational unit - 14 aircraft - 10.1.14 - 2xs.jpg

J-10B + serials - maybe 78x1x - 170. Brigade FTTC - 1.jpg

... even more these too have yellow five-digit operational serials ending with 0,2,6 and 8; however blurred again !
J-10B operational regiment - unknown - 7.11.14.jpg

WS-10 engine assemble shows in background

WS-10A turbofan engine has zero smoke


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