The dark-coloured plane showed up again and made a perfect landing hours after take-off。
The report says that it was the first flight by the plane at an undisclosed flight test centre。
An unmanned hypersonic plane?

The detail of this plane on forums,
 It is said that this plane has unprecedented airframe, unprecedented flight mode, and matchs unprecedented altitude and speed, to fulfill unique mission.

中国新型高超音速验证机试飞成功 比“黑鸟”更快

Successfully launch a hypersonic plane, which is supposed to be similar with SR-71 and has a speed of more than 5M. The speed is overtake SR-71, which is 3.2~3.5M said by the report.
It mentions that this new aircraft use a completely new designed thruster.

Satellite map

A hypersonic aircraft?



A variable-cycle engine:

Ramjet engine


American ramjet engine


Shenlong Orbital Vehicle,similar to the X37B 214749k9o9fcfnc7omxhhf.jpg.thumb.jpg 

Version of Aurora spy plane
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The report mentions a planned project which would see the development of China's first domestically-made turbofan-ramjet combined cycle engine, designed for an unnamed aircraft. The description of this engine suggests something resembling the Pratt and Whitney J58 variable cycle engine used by the SR-71 Blackbird.

A source close to the PLA Air Force was cited by New Outlook as stating that this is part of a project to develop a manned supersonic aircraft, currently in the preparation stages at a domestic research institute. The aircraft is expected to have a top speed faster than the Blackbird on completion, according to the source, although the project is yet to be formally launched.

The China Aviation News report stated that in the first half of 2015, the engine division of AVIC Qingan Group finished the design process for three engine products and gained approval for them in May and July.

The article went on to list descriptions of the three engines as China's first domestically developed turbofan-ramjet combined cycle engine designed for an unnamed aircraft, a classic model engine and a classic model engine with a medium bypass ratio. This suggests the latter two are improved versions of the WS-10 and WS-18 turbofan engines.

The turbofan-ramjet combined cycle engine project, however, has never before been made public. The article stated that there is no precedent for the project and that China currently has no suitable heat-resistant materials for the project and therefore will have to contract overseas suppliers, adding that without the appropriate tools, they will have to go about making them from scratch.

A PLA Air Force source told New Outlook that the aircraft that will use this engine has been in experimental development for several years by an aircraft institute in the southwest. The aim of the project is to surpass the SR-71 Blackbird with a plane that can reach speeds of almost five-times the speed of sound, which is the upper limit of a ramjet engine. For higher speeds, a supersonic combusting ramjet (scramjet) engine is necessary. 
The aircraft is said to be a large manned plane, with a similar design to Mikoyan's mysterious Project 301 hypersonic aircraft.

So in the month of September 2015, may will have :

(1) Unveiled the DF-21D and DF-26D RASM(ASBM)
(2) Successful conclusion of WS-15's high altitude tests
(3) 4th gen AAM PL10 and PL15 completion tests hitting targets
(4) J-2016 maiden flight
(5) J-10C spotted with the 14000kgf of WS-10G
(6) WZ-10 completed for Z-20, new heavy attack helicopter in development and future high-speed stealth helicopters
(7) A mysterious type of hypersonic vehicle making first flight at a flight test centre
(8) CZ-6 maiden flight carrying 20 payloads
(9) CZ-11 maiden flight
(10) The development of PL-21(an ultra long range AAM)is proceeding to plan and schedule.
(11) DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle.   

WZ-10 new engine


DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle

New DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle is a nuclear strike weapon, according to the Pentagon.
Has conducted five tests of the DF-ZF since last year, an indication it is a high-priority weapons system. China’s Defense Ministry has confirmed tests of the weapon, saying only it is an experimental system.
The glide vehicle, launched atop a missile, travels along the edge of space at Mach 10, or nearly 8,000 miles an hour. Yet the vehicle is agile enough to overcome the effects of high-speed travel to maneuver – both to avoid missile defenses and for zeroing in on targets.
The DF-ZF can also be armed with a conventional warhead, making it third missile outfitted with precision guidance that is accurate enough to attack ships at sea.

DF-21D missile diagram

It's the Convair SA-2S once planes concept as a SR-71-successor !

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