Sukhoi T-50 fighter jet debuts at MAKS-2015 air show

Development of Tikhomirov NIIP AESA forT-50 99% complete, Trials ongoing

Translated from Russian-
Radar, which NII instrument making them. Tikhomirov (NIIP) creates a promising fifth-generation fighter PAK FA, "99% ready" for release into production, the newspaper writes Flightglobal. However, the experts first have to complete a series of tests of the radar.

The radar with active phased array (AESA) AESA consists of forward-looking X-band in the nose compartment, two side-looking radar, as well as L-band AESA along the flaps.Radar was first presented to the public at the MAKS-2015. Deputy chief designer for the development of radar NIIP Andrei Sukhanov said that is not yet known when the trial will end. However, he expressed confidence that the overall design of successful, despite minor shortcomings.

"A lot of different pieces of equipment involved in the tests, as tested both radar and avionics whole, - said Andrei Sukhanov. - This corresponds to the currently undergoing testing by US aircraft of the fifth generation F-22 and F-35s. No matter what the country of manufacture, after all the problems we face are always the same. ""If the tests find something that requires modification or adjustment, it will, of course, been done, but, according to our estimates, the radar is 99% ready for serial production," - said the designer.The radar can operate in air, ground and sea conditions and can easily be adapted to the installation of a new air-launched weapons, he said.

Maneuverable supersonic aircraft PAK FA - one of the leaders of the flight program max. The head of the KLA Yuri Slusar said at a press conference yesterday that the project is being actively developed, despite reports of a slowdown in its implementation. Russian Ministry of Defense, according to the latest plans, intends to get 55 T-50 aircraft through 2020, with the expansion of the purchases will depend on how the military will appreciate the first batch of 12 vehicles.


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