From MAKS - 2015

Photos - Marina Lystseva

Russia’s largest air show, MAKS, is in full swing in the Moscow region. Here’s just a snap look at the most amazing aircraft. More videos on
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Russia’s first 5G fighter has showed off in full its ultra-maneuverability at an international air show near Moscow. In 2016 the Russian Air Force will get ready to put the first production models of the stealth fighter jet into service.
The jet performed such aerobatic stunts as Pougachev's cobra, Frolov’s chakra, the dead leaf and tail-dive.

With a month left before the multirole PAK-FA (T-50) fighter is set to be added to the inventory of the Russian Air Force (series delivery slated for 2017), the 5G aircraft’s designers have spilt the beans about the PAK-FA’s operational capability.

The current 5G jet engines, which are used in the 4++ Su-35S fighter jet, will be replaced with brand new ones designed specifically for the PAK-FA. Even the current engines have supercruise capability and full authority digital engine control.

The upcoming power unit in 2017 will be more powerful and fuel-efficient, more reliable and will cost less. There is every possibility that new engine would enable PAK-FA to perform stunts previously impossible on any known fighter jet.In order to fulfill flying tests within the nearest time, three more PAK-FAs will join testing by the end of 2015. So far the fighter jet has delivered on all of the expected technical characteristics.

The weapons declared for the 5G fighter make the aircraft multi-task, enabling it to engage targets virtually anywhere: in the air, on the ground, on the water and even underwater. The tests are now underway.


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