J-20 No.2016

WS 15 thrust-vectoring engine is ready
Ultra-high altitude surveillance-attack unmanned 5 Mach hypersonic aircraft

 Wing Loong II  (Pterosaur II) UCAV

Firstly: outside atmosphere:
1. WU14 :
World’s leading killer app so far. All 5 consequentive trials are successful. Hypersonic 10 mach precision strike (nuclear and conventional) on any target on Earth.
US tried 5 march twice, all failed. Russia: none.

2. DF26 "Guam Express" 
Conventional/nuclear hypersonic precision strike on either land or sea-based moving targets. 
It renders land-baed SAAD system and sea-based SM-3 obsolete.

3. Outter atmosphere mid-course anti-missile system with KKV (DN1, DN2):
Intercept missiles with > 10 Mach speed. The only other one in the world can also do this is the US.

4. High orbital anti-Sat weapons :
At up to 2,000km orbital, 1 shot 1 hit!

5. Shen-Loong air-space craft:
Precision-strike on any point on earth in 2 hours! (the US is not alone here)

6. DF41 MIRV

7. 094 with JL-2 on board:
Operational in the deep blue 365*24.

DF-21D, J-31, Type 055, new aircraft carriers, etc aside,

8. "Swift-Ship" sat-missile uni system:
Rapidly launch extra satellites to compensate ones being hit by anti-sat weapons.

9. all types of world’s ocean surveillance sats

10. incoming (tomorrow) CZ6:
Simultaneously launch 20 sats. Killer commercial competitors to NASA and ESA.

11. Laser-guided anti-sat, anti-missile weapons

12. All direction X band radars (the US is not alone here)

Secondly, inside atmosphere and near orbital:

13. J-20 2016. WS 15 thrust-vectoring engine is ready.

14. 5th gen AAM missile PL10 and PL15

15. “Ultra-high altitude surveillance-attack unmanned 5 Mach hypersonic aircraft”

16. 4 giant unmmaned aircrafts :
Yi-looong, Xiang-Loong, Dark Sword and Sharp Sword: 4 giant toys for superpowers.

17. HQ 19 and HQ 26 near-orbital anti-missile systems:

Thridly, there’re more hidden ones:

18. H-20 Red Bat

19. DF 27:
A full-course Stealth DF series

20. CZ 5 Rocket system:
It will build Space Station.

21. World’s first and leading Quantum Communications Sat on the way

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