Thailand's Defence Technology Institute 8x8 IFV

First Road Test 
DTI 8x8 IFV can carry 13 troops and equipped with  30mm turret mounted (all photos : DTI)

DTI (Defence Technology Institute) DTI 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles were tested for the first time since the prototype armored wheeled up.
8x8 wheeled armored vehicles designed by the DTI's Thailand researcher. 
The use of high-performance vehicles from all over the world as a comparison, and research and development to design high-performance vehicles, wheeled armored wheeled equivalent to those of other countries. It is appropriate to use and needs of the country.The test today was a test of long-distance running distance by 64 kilometers  at a distance of 8 kilometers long and 4 test : the performance of the car in the preliminary round, turning to accelerate testing of the engine and the car's electronic systems to work effectively for the first time today.Due to weather conditions the rain in some parts of the test. But the car was still working as designed. The car will run at an average speed of 40-60 kilometers per hour. And checking the availability of the car when the car ran half the given distance.
Today's test was a success as anticipated, however, DTI will test the performance of the car constantly. In order to master 8x8 armored wheeled vehicles are manufactured with the first cars made in Thailand is available for evaluation and testing of the next user.


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