Recently, foreign media has revealed that China is building a new type of strategic nuclear submarine with a wide body and a displacement of 28,300 tons.
The submarine can go to the depth of 5,200 meters.

As it uses superconductivity electromagnetic propulsion system without any propellers, it is a noiseless submarine with noise less than 20 db and it can suddenly accelerate to the speed of XX knots, quicker than any advanced high-speed torpedo. As it has quite a few vector propulsion devices at various locations of its body, it is able to maneuver at various angles.

Due to its low noise, it is able to hide in the complicated background of ocean noise without being detected.
It has 50 torpedo launch tubes to fire conventional defense weapons, but its core weapons are 24 new-type JL-5 SLBMs, each of which carries 80 warheads including 20-35 decoys; therefore, even if lots of the SLBMs’ warheads have been intercepted, one submarine can still destroy at least 84 cities in its first strike.

US satellites have found that China is building 2 Type 098 fourth-generation strategic nuclear submarines, each of which is installed with 12 sets of launching devices.

There is speculation that by 2025, Chinese navy will have 3 to 4 aircraft carrier combat groups in service.
By that time, the fourth-generation Type-98 strategic nuclear submarines will be the trump cards of China’s submarine fleet.

In order to establish an effective nuclear second strike, great efforts shall be made in developing nuclear missile submarines. There must be 6 of them in all so that 2 of them will always be cruising at sea while the number of them will be increased to 3 at emergency. If each nuclear submarine carries 12 ICBMs with 3 nuclear warheads each, there will be a maximum of 108 nuclear warheads in one submarine to have effective deterrence against the US.

Source: qianzhan.com

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