H1138 MLP
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A Soviet designed Zubr hovercraft is carried by hull "H1183" MLP. The H1183 can carry multiple Zubrs, each of which can travel 60 knots over water, carry 150 tons of tanks, artillery and infantry, and is armed to the teeth with Gatling cannons, hundreds of 140mm rockets, MANPADS missiles and mines. MLPs could carry these gigantic attack hovercrafts to anywhere in the world, without being restricted by the Zubr's 300 mile range. Popular Science
China Amphibious Warfare MLP
H1138 MLP
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"H1138", built at Huangpu Wenchong shipyards in its first military contract, is Mobile Landing Platform, which allow for larger and cheaper platforms to stage amphibious operations involving hovercraft and other amphibious/littorial vehicles, compared to conventional amphibious warfare ships. The H1138 is 50,000 tons, with a deck area of almost 4,000 square meters.
The "H1183" is a 50,000 ton displacement cargo ship with a giant staging platform installed at its waterline, which can accomodate a wide variety of hovercraft, helicopters, fast craft and armored fighting vehicles.
Soon after its May 2015 commissioning, the H1183 was spotted carrying a Zubr class heavy amphibious assault hovercraft. The H1183 was launched by Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard, as the smaller Chinese equivalent to the U.S. Mobile Landing Platform.
 Its 33 meter by 120 meter submergible platform is large enough to carry up to three Type 726 hovercraft, which can transport one main battle tank from sea to land. MLP type vessels are intended to complement traditional landing platform docks by providing additional, cheaper sealift capacity for seabasing away from existing land bases, peacetime prepositioning, special force operations and disaster relief. Popular Science

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