Type 636 mesopelagic-pelagic survey ship

Photos of new Type 636 mesopelagic-pelagic survey ship have been posted by military fans war.163.com on the Internet to show capabilities in building super quiet anti-submarine warships.

The captions of the photos state that Chinese navy’s Type 636 mesopelagic-pelagic survey ship is brilliant in its silence due to the use of side slanting propeller, floating vibration reduction technology and device for its diesel generator, vibration reduction design of its major machinery, damping treatment for its foundation bed and hull and measures such as soft connection of the sound platform of its energy exchange and sound absorption. It is said that the ship is quieter by far than lots of other anti-submarine warships and can be regarded as a black hole in ocean.

Previously anti-submarine versions of Types 054A and 056 warships also emerged. There is speculation that the above-mentioned silencing technology has also been used in lots of destroyers and frigates in service in Chinese navy. There may perhaps be new specialized anti-submarine warships.

A photo has been posted by web user of the cutting of a door at the tail of a new frigate being built. The warship is said to be Type 054 frigate the Daqing no. 576 with enhanced anti-submarine capability.

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