It has been in hibernation for two years but scientists have finally successfully brought the sleeping giant particle collider—the world’s largest particle collider, the CERN Large Hadron Collider—back to life. The size and power of this machine gives it the ability to smash together atoms at double the energy than it did the very first time the machine was powered on.

And thus, the European Organization for Nuclear Research noted that the Large Hadron Collider will now be able to run around the clock for at least the next three years and this will produce a large amount of data for scientists to sort through.

CERN director, Rolf Heuer, explains, “We have seen the first data beginning to flow. Let’s see what they will reveal to us about how our universe works.”This startup comes after a $150 million overhaul which began not too long after the particle collider’s initial startup two years ago; a run which helped to confirm the existence of the elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson.

Heuer also goes on to say that physicists now hope that this new run might lead to more discoveries that can help “explain remaining mysteries such as dark matter.”

Dark matter, of course, is a concept that is relatively new to our understanding. As it is only still theoretical, scientists believe that it actually makes up 84 percent of the matter of the universe and is almost like the mortar of the universe, holding galaxies together. It is called dark matter because we don’t know how to detect it yet—we can’t see it—but we know that it must exist because of gravitational anomalies that can only be explained by the existence of something that we cannot see.

There are some Conspiracy theories floating around it.
 -CERN Stargate Portal Opening for aliens
 -CERN can open space wormholes or new dimensional openings with other places in the universe.

Watch the movie Interstellar here to understand what is a worm hole and extra dimentions


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