WS-10A silver nozzles are very different from the Russian black AL-31F nozzles.
WS-10A engine has complete combustion. All of the jet fuel is converted into thrust. There is no smoke.
In contrast, Russian jet engines are smoky, because of incomplete combustion.

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Thales - TALIOS targeting pod.

Weighing around 200-300 kg and some 2.5 m in length, the TALIOS pod's sensor suite will include: a high-definition (HD) midwave infrared (3-5 microns) thermal imager sourced from Sofradir; an HD colour TV covering for daylight operations; a short-wave infrared (1.4-3 microns) camera to enhance twilight performance; and a laser suite comprising rangefinder, designator, marker, and spot-tracker.

In addition, the open-architecture TALIOS will be equipped with enhanced INS-GPS integration to improve target geolocation, real-time datalinks offering air-air and well as air-ground communications, improved line-of-sight stabilisation to match the higher resolution sensors, and a user-friendly interface with enhanced display symbology.

In addition to its direct targeting role, this day/night-capable pod is suited for missions such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, air-to-air, deep strike, and close air support. The pod is also marketed as undetectable and precise system and oriented for battle damage assessment.


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