Officially confirms PAKFA has a RCS between 0.1 to 1 square meters (or average of 0.5 m2) depending is some variable factors and a RCS of the size of a golf ball has a RCS 15 times smaller than Su-27.
PAKFA has also a VG intake system allowing for more than Mach 2.3 speeds.
Chief designer of PAKFA, Davidenko  says the real RCS of F-22 is 0.4 meters.

The Russian economy has been slammed a lot harder than everyone thought. Russia is reducing its production of T-50/Pak Fa fighters.
Russia previously had plans to produce 52 fifth-generation T-50 fighters by 2020. 
However, these plans have been drastically scaled back. 
The Kremlin will now only procure 12 of the new jets by 2020.

There are five reasons to believe the 0.5m2 RCS for the T-50/Pak-Fa is correct.

1. The stated 0.5m2 RCS is on the official Russian Government Embassy in India website. This is official Russian government information.

2. If they believed it was incorrect, Sukhoi has had two years to correct the 0.5m2 RCS for the T-50/Pak-Fa. We can only conclude Sukhoi has silently agreed to the 0.5m2 RCS on the Russian Embassy government website.

3. The Indian minister who leaked the secret RCS information was part of an Indian government delegation to negotiate joint development of the T-50/FGFA program. He did not pull the information out of thin air. Most likely, Sukhoi informed the Indian minister of the 0.5m2 RCS for the T-50/Pak-Fa. This is leaked official Indian government information.

4. The Russian Air Force Colonel pointedly avoided claiming the T-50/Pak-Fa is as stealthy as a F-22 Raptor or J-20 Mighty Dragon. A 0.5m2 RCS for the T-50/Pak-Fa is consistent with the Russian Colonel's comparison of the T-50/Pak-Fa, F-22, and J-20. (See Russia to Increase Number of 5G Fighters in Test Flights)

5. After waiting two years, a technical analysis of the deficiencies in the stealth design of the third T-50/Pak-Fa prototype justifies the T-50's RCS of 0.5m2; which we expect to be considerably higher than the F-22 or the J-20 (see technical analysis below). None of these stealth design problems exists on the F-22 or the J-20.

Sukhoi hasn't fixed a single stealth design problem in two years.

PAK FA stealth features patent published - IHS Jane's 360



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  1. "There are five reasons to believe the 0.5m2 RCS for the T-50/Pak-Fa is correct..."
    there are not T-50/pak fa on the picture of stealth technology

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