School-enterprise cooperation in the new achievement - the world's most powerful multi-purpose muzzle velocity and gun debut in - North University
The transfer of live artillery FIG North University, long barrel. There are two one kind of grenade shells APDS one kind of armor-piercing, high shot, reportedly will play 40 kilometers grenade. 

Latest 125 domestic and multi-purpose artillery shells big picture, a gun with three-out tanks, self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft guns?
North University (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (also known as Weapon Technology Institute)) the lead, and defense and other 127 11 national defense scientific research units jointly developed 125 mm artillery versatile handover ceremony was held at the University of North, the gun is currently the world on the highest speed, minimal recoil artillery multifunction great power. Having empty (ten thousand meters gunship anti-cruise missile rockets), on the ground (40 km large-scale destruction), anti-tank (straight up speed scanning large power high destructive power) multifunctional artillery, has reached the world leading within the scope of its electronic materials and other aspects have applied the latest research achievements of our national defense, the gun in the current world leader in the artillery in the army, because the school requested confidentiality, the performance parameters can not disclose.

Please understand that the gun project in 2011, completed June 10, 2015 North University Square in the line of North University (North University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) · 127 factory 125 mm cannon ceremony for this versatile North University (North University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) and 127 plant and many other defense units to establish long-term strategic partnership of great significance that the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, North University (weaponry Institute of Technology) students to provide mechanical and electrical reputation further employment security more It is important for national defense construction to make significant contributions to improve People's Liberation Army fighting injected new vitality.

This multipurpose gun has been unveiled and is the subject of much buzz.

Things to note:
- 40 km range
- can be used as an artillery gun
- can fire APFSDS rounds
- can fire anti-aircraft munitions
- claimed to have the highest muzzle velocity of any gun in the world
- short recoil
- 125mm multi-purpose artillery shells





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中北大学(机电工程学院(又称武器装备技术学院))牵头,与国防127所等11家国防科研单位共同研制的125毫米多功能火炮今天在中北大学举行交接仪 式, 该火炮是目前世界上出速最高, 后坐力最小的多功能大威力火炮。具有对空(一万米 反武装直升机反巡航导弹反火箭弹) ,对地(40公里 大面积杀伤),反坦克(直描 大威力 高出速 高摧毁力)的多功能火炮, 已达到世界范围内的领先水平 , 其材料 电子等多方面都应用了我国国防科研的最新成果 ,在目前该火炮在世界各国军队的火炮中处于领先地位,由于学校要求保密, 各项性能参数不能透露()还请谅解该火炮于2011年立项,2015年6月10日在中北大学行之广场完成了中北大学(中北大学机电工程学院)·127厂 125毫米多功能火炮交接仪式 为此 中北大学(中北大学机电工程学院)与127厂等多家国防单位确立长期战略合作伙伴关系 重大意义在于 中北大学机电工程学院(武器装备技术学院)的声望 为机电学子提供了进一步的就业保障 更重要的是为国防建设做出了重大贡献,为我人民解放军战斗力的提升注入了新的活力。


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