WS-2D rocket artillery says in its that a vice director of Russian institute of political and military analysis has published an article on serious underestimate of China’s military strength. His article is aimed at warning Russian military of China’s growing military strength instead of scaring the US to be afraid of China.
For a long time China has tried hard to make experts outside China believe China still has a long way to go in modernizing its military. Even though China does have some advanced weapons, their number is small.
Russian and Western experts do have the common sense that producing advanced weapons in small number is not cost effective. Still they believe China’s allegations.
The expert says that China tries hard to make and has indeed made others believe that it has only 200 to 300 nuclear warheads, 30 DF-31 ICBMs and a little over a hundred intermediate-range ballistic missiles.
He believes that China may have over 1,000 ICBMs and at least 10,000 nuclear warheads judging by China’s production capacity.
He also talks about China’s huge army and tank forces and advanced aircrafts and missiles, but what he worries most is Chinese army’s formidable rocket artillery perhaps because a war between China and Russia will mainly be a ground one.
Rocket artillery is Chinese army’s most powerful weapon. As it is carried on trucks, it is easy to conceal. Though the rockets lack accuracy as they are not guided like missiles, each rocket battalion has a reconnaissance drone to gather data to improve their accuracy.
As the rockets fly at hypersonic speed, they can hit their targets within five minutes, giving the enemy no time to defend. In comparison, US Tomahawk cruise missile flies at subsonic speed and may take 2 hours to reach its target. That makes it easy to intercept the missile.
Rocket artillery is formidable as it is used to destroy a large area at very low cost compared with air raid and missile attack. In air raid, the attacker may suffer heavy losses of its expensive aircrafts and pilots. Even missiles are much more expensive than the rockets.
Now China has independently developed its WS-2 series of rocket systems with the greatest fire power and range in the world.
Its 400mm WS-2 rockets with a six-tube launching truck have a range of 200 km while the newest version WS-2D has a range of 350-400 km.
Neither US nor Russian models are WS-2’s rival.
WS-2D rockets deployed at the coast across the Taiwan Strait may hit anywhere on the Taiwan Island.
Those deployed near Russia may annihilate in a moment all Russian troops in Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Belogorsk. “Russian expert: PLA’s strength to confront US military squarely and toughly is gravely underestimated”

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