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There are three Chinese aircraft carrier under construction, the first ship to be Liaoning pro,code 17,which uses conventional power, will came out first in 2015, a little bigger than Liaoning, is 65000 tons.

The most exciting is the followiing two, code 18, and 19 are nuclear power, estimation of electromagnetic launch coming out 2016, and 88000 tons as the standard displacement, and 102000 tons as the full displacement, with the EMALS so it is comparable to the CVN-78 class supercarriers. 
It is said these two will be absolutely more advance than Ford class, and more importantly, these two will acqurie fighting capacity before Ford class.

Darling, so calm down, China will have 4 aircraft carriers in 2016-2017, two Liaoning class, two nuclear powered, and US could only maintain 6 aircraft carrier in service then.

Aircraft carriers with J-31 or even J-20 as some media reported will be the most advaned then, . Therefore, one can declare that, when nuclear powered aircraft carrier come to PLAN, the time of arms control come too, because at that time, China's military technology is far better than now, the US have to come to talk about arm control.

The hull of the second AC is under installation.

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加拿大《汉和防务评论》11月号(提前出版)发表题为《第二艘中国国产航母最新情报》的报道称,权威的造船工业界消息来源告诉汉和,江南造船厂建造的第一 艘航母的基本特征,依然是常规动力,并非核动力,此外与辽宁舰、001A北方航舰相比,设计变化较大,上蒸汽弹射器的工作进入最后研制阶段。目前图纸尚未 冻结,换句话说,全部设计并未完成,由于与001A国产航母的船体动力等设计都不同,因此,第二艘航母的开工建造不会等到第一艘001A全部完成。 ...

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CV 16 Liaoning Aircraft Carier and J-15

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