Tuo Jiang armaments

Tuo Jiang has 2 quad packs HF-2 and 2 quad packs HF-3 missiles
160 km range Hsiung Feng II (HF-2) is an anti-ship missile system designed to be deployed aboard ships or at facilities on land. It carries an explosive warhead of 180 kgs and has active homing with dual RF and IR imaging seekers.
Hsiung Feng III (HF-3) is a Mach 2 class supersonic anti-ship missile designed to target People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surface vessels including the aircraft carrier.
It has a top speed of 2300 km/h and a range of 130 Kilometers

Tou Jiang's triple-barrelled torpedo tubes
    Photo 程嘉文

Tuo Jiang Stealth catamaran frigate - handed over to Taiwan's Navy


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