B-611MR tactical ground-to-ground missile.

B-611MR tactical ground-to-ground missile, unique in the world for its anti-radiation function. The missile is installed with a terminal broadband passive radar to enable it to hit electromagnetic target.
It in addition is unique for its high altitude, speed, accuracy and maneuverability and the best penetration capability. Its trajectory is not the traditional hyperbolic one but can change vertically so that it is impossible to foretell its orbit. As a result, it is able to avoid the interception of any existing anti-missile system.
In addition, its launch procedure is very simple. It is necessary only to give the data of its target to its computer and send the missile roughly at the direction of the target. Such quick launching process ensures the surprise of the attack and the safety of the missile operators.
Source: “Exposure of PLA’s one more shocking weapon absolutely the best and only one in the world”

Breakthroughs in Developing Sixth-generation Fighter Jets

China's Huolong (Fiery Dragon) sixth-generation fighter jet
Huolong (Fiery Dragon) sixth-generation fighter jet
According to a Russian media, Russia has already started the research and development of a sixth-generation fighter jet, but may have lagged behind China. According to a Russian expert, there have been signs that China is not only the only country that is developing two fifth-generation fighter jets at the same time but it also has an active research plan for a sixth-generation one.
The expert points out that China has set up a team in charge of the project in Shenyang equipped with automatic design system and necessary supplies.
According to the expert’s analysis, the sixth-generation fighter jet may be an unmanned one equipped with electromagnetic or laser gun. Its cruise speed, range and invisibility will be better than a fifth-generation fighter jet.
There has been authoritative information that China has made important scientific and technological breakthroughs in developing a multifunctional fighter with the codename of Huolong. It has to be regarded as a sixth-generation one due to its more advanced pneumatic structure, new-type control system, much more powerful radar, capability to hit ground targets and super maneuverability.
Source: “Russian media: China is secretly developing a sixth-generation fighter jet in Shenyang, suspected to be armed with an electromagnetic gun” ------------------------------------

Its different from its predecessor - the AK-74. is easier, more accurate, more convenient. Completely redesigned cooling system, recharging system chambering a cartridge. The automaton has managed to keep all the advantages of the old famous "Kalashnikov".

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