The JL-600 (Jiaolong-600 / Dragon 600) Amphibious Aircraft designed by China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC). The JL-600 is powered by four-turbine propeller
AVIC General Aircraft Company disclosed on 24 June 2009 that the project to produce the world's largest amphibious airplane "Jiaolong-600" had already been approved, and its research and development has officially started. "Jiaolong-600," a single-hull comprehensive rescue airplane with a four-turbine propeller, is similar in size to the Airbus A320. It will become the world's largest amphibious airplane. The airplane's maximum take-off weight is 60 tons. It can take off and land on both ground and water.

In the civil aviation sector, "Jiaolong-600" has a strong capacity to carry out various special tasks including emergency rescue, forest firefighting and sea surveillance, and therefore it has great market potential. The 'Dragon 600' will be used for tasks such as emergency rescue and fighting forest fires. It will be able to take off on land or water and is expected to hold about 3,000 gallons of water or up to 50 passengers. Supposedly, it will be able to take off with waves up to three meters high. Its maximum speed will be about 348 mph and a range of of 3,200 miles. It will be a "scooper" and can be refilled in 20 seconds while skimming along on the surface of a lake.

It is a replacement for the Shui Yung 5, the 30 year old aircraft, of which only five were actually built. Four of them were delivered to the PLA Navy in the North Sea Fleet. The fifth aircraft in that fleet was actually sent off to do other civilian tasks, like emergency rescue and firefighting. The Shui Yung 5 was a poorly performing aircraft - it was underpowered. The Beriev A-40, officially in development, and currently existing in the form of a couple of flying prototypes, has a take off weight over 85 tons. It is the largest amphibian in the world now.

Hu Haiyin, deputy general manager of the company, said that market research indicated a domestic market for 60 such craft in the next 15 years.

The aircraft can also be used for ocean area surveillance. The JL-600 could perform rapid direct logistics and personnel support missions to distant South China Sea outposts that are usually surrounded by shallow waters. This requirement would increase should China expand number and size of its island outposts. The JL-600 could also perform long-range patrol, anti-submarine, anti-ship and mine-laying missions.

Jiaolong-600 / Dragon 600

 JL-600 now AG-600 amphibium - prototype 29.12.14 - 1.jpg

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 JL-600 now AG-600 amphibium - prototype 29.12.14 - 3.jpg

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On December 29, 2014, large fire/water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 (Dragon600) in the first part of the fuselage under the AVIC aircraft Xian branch, marked the development of AG600 madean important initial results.

As a "Twelve-Five"developed by AVIC through flying during the iconic products,"Dragon"AG600 isone of the largest in the world at the opening of the amphibious aircraft,tomeetour country's forest fire fighting and the urgent need for water rescue,can be used as a national emergency rescue system for Aeronautics increased equipment requirement sofa building.
"Jiaolong AG600"amphibious,one machine type,series development" design idea of design,both at take off and landing onland,and can take off and land on the water, a take off weight of 53.5 tons, 20 seconds in the water12 tons at a time,taking off and landing surface anti-wave height up to 2m. Implementation of forest fire-fighting,water rescue and many other tasks,according to user's need to retrofit the necessary equipment tomeet implementation of marine environmental monitoring, resource exploration, tasks such as passenger and cargo transport needs.
At present, AG600 has completed all design work,parts manufacturing work in fulls wing, and predict by 2015 to achieve flight.

The biggest in service. others much bigger in the soviet days


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