New Type 57 Frigate in the works

深度:我军舰艇将用电推技术 057护卫舰呼之欲出|护卫舰|系统|电力_新浪军事

My rough translation, I will use point form.

- Type 57 design has been finalized, and will be put into production sometime between end of 2014 to sometime in 2015. This is a fourth generation frigate.

-All 24 Type 54A frigates have been completed, and the last 5 to 6 of them will all enter service before 2017.

-Type 57 will be a 20 ship class, and replace all type 53 before 2025.

- It will use all new designed radar, sonar, and vertical missile launch system and will be about 4,500 tons.

- HQ-16G,with a range of 70km,will replace the 40km HQ-16 on Type 054A

-This vessel will be using all new electric propulsion system, and will act as the most advanced anti sub warfare ship in the navy and will challenge to become the best anti sub ship in the world. This will include 2 anti sub helicopter and various unmanned aerial vehicles.

-This electric propulsion will eliminate the need for two source of electricity and merge it into one to reduce noise and improve efficiency, it's a revolutionary technology used in new generation of ships.

-From the hard work of the Chinese researchers, China has been hard at work on the electric propulsion from 2002 and the technology has matured. This new technology will be used in Type 55 and Type 57 to further improve Chinese navy capabilities.

-Ths new technology has improved over the propulsion system in Type 54A and will increase power by 40% and will reach a speed of 30 knots.

-This would allow better anti sub capabilities because it would allow faster acceleration and be able to capture better position? (Not sure how to translate this part, I'm not an expert in this field.)

- This ship will fix the many efficiencies in type 52D and type 54A's stealth features.

- namely closed stealth mast? Front and back deck integration to achieve smooth and slanted surface? Anyways the point is the design will eliminate as much breaks in a continues shape as possible.

-Also a bunc of other stuff to reduce RCS.

It's hard to translate things when it's so technical and I have no expertise in ship building.


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  1. Google translate is your friend :)

    google translation and my comments in [] below


    At present, the design work of the fourth-generation guided missile frigate, the Type-057 missile frigate, has come to an end and the overall design targets have been frozen. According to the Navy's equipment development plan, the missile destroyer will start construction from the end of 2014 to 2015, when all 24 054A missile destroyers will be fully constructed and the final 5 to 6 ships will be delivered to the troops by 2017. Presumably, the new missile frigate will eventually build 20 and replace 20 053 frigates by 2025. 057 missile frigate full displacement of about 4,500 tons, the use of new phased array radar systems and new vertical missile launch system, with regional air defense capabilities. The missile escort enhanced stealth performance, using an integrated enclosed stealth mast. In order to improve navigational capabilities, 057 missile frigate for the first time using an integrated electric propulsion system, in addition, 057 missile frigate strengthened the focus on anti-submarine capabilities, equipped with a new generation of tow anti-submarine sonar array and anti-torpedo bait, equipped with two large Anti-submarine helicopters and a number of unmanned helicopters, according to some analysts, the fourth-generation guided missile frigate will be the most powerful anti-submarine ship in the construction of ships in China and will also become the benchmark for the latest anti-submarine combat capabilities of the world's frigate. In the future, Four generations of frigates will be used as escort vessels of China-made aircraft carriers.

    1. Comments that the 057 missile frigate for the first time using an integrated electric propulsion system is a revolution in the history of the development of our warship. The ship Integrated Electric Propulsion System [IEPS] is a new type of ship propulsion system which is accompanied by the development of modern power electronic technology. It combines the ship power station and the auxiliary station to achieve the effective utilization of energy, the enhancement of maneuverability and the reduction of ship noise , The foreign media think that the integrated power system of ships is another major revolution of the ship power platform and has a profound impact on the development of naval equipment and future maritime operations. Therefore, replacing traditional mechanical propulsion with electric propulsion is called 21 The "Sea Revolution" of the Ship Propulsion Way of the Century.

    2. At present, the new generation of warships in developed countries in the West have widely adopted the new integrated ship propulsion system and have become the key indicator technology for the next generation of new large surface ships. The adoption of electric push technology has become a "fashionable". The United States has DDD-1000 missile destroyers, Ford class carriers, the British 45 missile destroyer, Queen Elizabeth aircraft and the German F125 missile destroyer and other Western warships have been using the integrated push technology. Since 2002, China has started to explore the basic research work on this technology. In 2007, the State Key Laboratory of Ship Integrated Power Technology, led by Professor Ma Wei-ming, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Naval University of Engineering, was formally established. Professor Ma Weiming, on the basis of long-term research The first time in the country proposed the development of comprehensive naval power system technology and the main force of the state to establish a national defense science and technology key laboratory of ship integrated power technology, the laboratory research facilities reached the international advanced level, become China's ship integrated power technology research center. After many years of research, Ma Weiming led the research group to solve the "oscillation" problem that haunted the world motor industry and developed a rectifier power supply system with completely independent intellectual property rights and the world's first dual-winding generator capable of simultaneously sending AC and DC power. These have laid a solid technical foundation for our country finally to overcome the technical difficulties of the push-push technology. At present, our country has achieved phased achievements in various technical fields in the field of ship electric push technology and successfully developed a new generation of ship integrated electric propulsion system of our armed forces, which will soon become our military's 055 missile destroyer and 057 missile Frigate power system.

    3. In 2013, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Institute of Wuhan 712 made great progress in the independent innovation of ship integrated electric propulsion system. The propulsion system with inverter, propulsion motor, propulsion transformer, power management system and steering control system as the core was developed , To achieve a single-axis propulsion power of 20MW below the ship all of the domestic electric propulsion system. Developed low-voltage 690V (2 × 1000kW) and 3300V (2 × 3000kW) nationwide production of electric propulsion systems and equipment have been achieved bulk shipment. In 2013, the successful demonstration project of integrated power system demonstration at the National Energy R & D Center was completed, and the 20MW marine gas turbine power generation module completed the comprehensive power system test. At present, the QC-185 undertaking the domestic military 20MW gas turbine is undergoing a large number of tolerance tests. The QC-185 gas turbine adopts the Taihang engine core machine developed by our country and its maximum output power is 17800KW. If two sets of 20MW integrated electric push System, the total power will reach 48,000 horsepower, the total power than the current 054A 4 Pierstiq 16PA6V280STC diesel engine 35,000 horsepower is nearly 40% higher power, if the power to promote 4500-ton frigate, you can make the most High-speed speed reached 30 knots or more.

      * guessing that the 'oscilation problem' relates to the resonances mentioned here as a result of multiple AC <-> DC
      conversions: see http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/853002/
      * 'rectifier power supply system' produce DC power from AC input, or AC power from DC input
      * DC generators and AC generators are almost identical except for the slip rings. Ma has produced a generator that
      combines both see https://www.slideshare.net/thephysicsteacher/331-generators-38896221
      * Taihang engine = the Shenyang WS-10 turbofan engine on the J11Bs, J15s, J16s
      * the rest is pretty clear in translation if you understand elecrtrical power generation :D

    4. In general, the sound field has been the main way for submarine sonar detection of surface ships and torpedoes and other weapons end tracking guidance. The noise sources of surface ships include the fluid noise generated by the hull, the noise generated by the propeller and the noise generated by mechanical vibration. The mechanical noise is the main source of noise when the ship is cruising, and consists of the prime mover, propulsion device and shaft system Class rotating and reciprocating machinery and so produce. Compared with the mechanical propulsion system, the integrated power system has no mechanical connection between the prime mover and the propulsion motor, shortens the shaft system and cuts off the main transmission path of mechanical vibration noise, reduces the underwater radiation noise of the 057 missile frigate, and greatly increases the 057-type missile frigate sound stealth performance, improve its comprehensive anti-submarine capabilities. In addition, the propeller of the ship is driven by a propulsion motor with frequency control function, which can realize stepless speed regulation within a full speed range and improve the maneuverability and maneuverability of the ship. According to reports, the British Type-45 destroyers speed from zero to 29 only 70 seconds, emergency stop from 30 requires only 5.5 times the length of the ship's distance, which is the naval dream ship maneuver capabilities. It is reported that the 057-type guided missile frigate integrated electric push system, the anti-submarine operations will be able to quickly seize powerful positions to provide a solid technical foundation.

      * sonar is the primary means of ship detection i.e. noise transmitted into the water
      * ship noise sources conists of: the noise the hull makes sailing through the water, water disturbance by the
      propeller (cavitation / water churning), mechanical vibration.
      * when cruising the primary noise sources are the diesel engine, the gearbox, the drive shaft,
      and the propeller see https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f1/CODAG-diagram.svg/1200px-CODAG-diagram.svg.png and https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Figure-1-CODAG-above-7-and-CODOG-below-8-COGAG-combined-gas-and-gas-turbine-has-two_264353036_fig1
      * IEPSs eliminate the gearing and shorten the drive shaft and result in much quieter ships see https://image.jimcdn.com/app/cms/image/transf/none/path/s1906fe2ebfb0e28d/image/ie261fc36367f866f/version/1476898389/image.jpg and https://www.ewmarine.info/english/e-start/e-electrical-propulsion/
      * electric propulsion motors used to drive the propeller are much quieter than a diesel engine
      * electric propulsion motors 'shift gears' by changing the frequency of the AC power - no gears means no gear noise

    5. It is reported that, for the new generation of surface missiles such as 054A and 052D stealth performance deficiencies, related units in our country continue to steadily progress in related fields, deepening the integrated stealth research ships, it is learned that the 057 missile frigate will be closed stealth mast, the first The deck decks and aft deck structures form a smooth and slanted surface that combines the hull with the bridge in an organic and smooth manner to eliminate discontinuous planes as much as possible to control incoming radio waves, Control of the equipment, first of all, the balustrade of the weather deck was canceled and anchor mooring anchors, fairleads, ribbon piles, cable winches and the like were placed under the deck and the main deck was surrounded by an inboard bulwark with a working hole , In order to throw the line when approaching the dock operations, cover the route cover, the ship's torpedo launchers, lifeboats and other devices are also within the acquisition body, the ship body shelter, other equipment such as ship-to-ship missiles using vertical launch system, The system is buried deep in the hull, to avoid direct exposure to radar waves, other weapons such as naval gun is used stealth Shell, the use of these measures have greatly reduced the RCS ships.

      * closed stealth sensor mast a la Type 055 for sensors
      * basically describes the superstructure as seen in the picture: flush with the sides of the ship below the deck,
      angled, no discontinuities to minimise radar reflection
      * all areas accessed on the deck are covered to minimise radar reflection as above (no exposed
      side rails, no exposed lifeboats, etc i.e. no breaks in the superstructure sides)
      * the Stealth shell probably has a radar absorbant coating (ferrite / J-20 type coating / ... )
      * anything inside the hull would be protected by whatever stealth cover is provided to the hull