New Type 57 Frigate in the works

深度:我军舰艇将用电推技术 057护卫舰呼之欲出|护卫舰|系统|电力_新浪军事

My rough translation, I will use point form.

- Type 57 design has been finalized, and will be put into production sometime between end of 2014 to sometime in 2015. This is a fourth generation frigate.

-All 24 Type 54A frigates have been completed, and the last 5 to 6 of them will all enter service before 2017.

-Type 57 will be a 20 ship class, and replace all type 53 before 2025.

- It will use all new designed radar, sonar, and vertical missile launch system and will be about 4,500 tons.

- HQ-16G,with a range of 70km,will replace the 40km HQ-16 on Type 054A

-This vessel will be using all new electric propulsion system, and will act as the most advanced anti sub warfare ship in the navy and will challenge to become the best anti sub ship in the world. This will include 2 anti sub helicopter and various unmanned aerial vehicles.

-This electric propulsion will eliminate the need for two source of electricity and merge it into one to reduce noise and improve efficiency, it's a revolutionary technology used in new generation of ships.

-From the hard work of the Chinese researchers, China has been hard at work on the electric propulsion from 2002 and the technology has matured. This new technology will be used in Type 55 and Type 57 to further improve Chinese navy capabilities.

-Ths new technology has improved over the propulsion system in Type 54A and will increase power by 40% and will reach a speed of 30 knots.

-This would allow better anti sub capabilities because it would allow faster acceleration and be able to capture better position? (Not sure how to translate this part, I'm not an expert in this field.)

- This ship will fix the many efficiencies in type 52D and type 54A's stealth features.

- namely closed stealth mast? Front and back deck integration to achieve smooth and slanted surface? Anyways the point is the design will eliminate as much breaks in a continues shape as possible.

-Also a bunc of other stuff to reduce RCS.

It's hard to translate things when it's so technical and I have no expertise in ship building.


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