The map shows the damage effect of high power laser, the left side is an intercontinental ballistic missile warhead whih has obvious "pot" phenomnon and trace caused when it goes at a very high speed per 7-8km/second through the air.
Shooting time, September 17, 1998.

The arrow one, refers to the "pot" phenomenon, knowledgeable should know, only reentry intercontinental ballistic missiles and long-range ballistic missiles have the "pot" phenomenon.

Arrow two, refers to the alloy warheads, melted mark.

Arrow three, refers to the carbon carbon composite material structure of warhead, could resist high temperature about 2000 degrees, also be burnt through, one can see how laser temperature is high!

Arrow four, refers to the shooting time, September 17, 1998. This is a 152 mm howitzer projectile warheads, look at the bottom of the thread of warhead to see that is a inert bomb having no explosive, otherwise the hole of laser irradiation could not exist.

Arrow five, refers to the laser hole burning through. Pay special attention to the surrounding , hole has concav estructure shows laser irradiation powerful enough to burn the surrounding soft.

this picture is very precious, can be repeatedly pondering.
From this laser targeting on the graph to now, 16 years later, the 16 years of China's science and technology has changed greatly.
I said it in a 2001 "interview" a navy captain, I'm really seen these burned effector ,unfortunately taking pictures not allowed. now 13 years has passed, today finally see the real photo, feel very proud.


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