Interpolitex-2014 exhibition

2015 Australian International Airshow

Iran - Kish International Air Show 2014

Sorena 4-seat helicopter in IHSRC markings (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company) claimed capable of "patrolling and training missions.

Civilian variant of HESA Bavar 2 ground effect vehicle Persian Gulf

Ghods Ababil 3 reconnaissance UAV, with claimed flight duration of eight hours, operational radius of 250 kilometers, service ceiling of 15,000 feet and capable of relaying imagery to control platforms in real time.

Powerplant detail of Ghods Ababil 3 reconnaissance UAV

IRGC-N Aviation HESA Shahed 278 light utility helicopter

Russian Exibits at Zhuhai 2014

WS-10 engine test

Cyber Attacks threaten to Destroy modern life infrastructure


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