"Sharp Claw-I" 120kg unmanned ground vehicle detail pics

SC_01.jpg SC_02.jpg SC_03.jpg SC_04.jpg SC_05.jpg SC_06.jpg SC_07.jpg SC_08.jpg

PLZ-52 155mm SPH detail pics

PLZ52_01.jpg PLZ52_02.jpg PLZ52_03.jpg PLZ52_04.jpg PLZ52_05.jpg PLZ52_06.jpg PLZ52_07.jpg PLZ52_08.jpg PLZ52_09.jpg

Y-20 waiting for WS-20 engines




The final version Y-20

Export version ESSM : FM-3000 anti-aircraft missile detail pics

FM3000_01.jpg  FM3000_02.jpg  FM3000_03.jpg

CX-1 supersonice missile detail pics :p:

CX-1_01.jpg  CX-1_02.jpg  CX-1_033.jpg

CX-1 (like P-800 Oniks/Brahmos)

CX-1, in which C stands for long range while X stands for cruise. 
Only India and China are now producing such heavy supersonic anti-ship missiles

Mil.huanqiu.com describes its special characteristics and usages:

    Its air inlet is located on its warhead to facilitate vertical launch and reduction of its diameter and volume. However, such location of air inlet reduces its maneuverability and the space in the warhead. As a result its terminal guidance radar will be smaller and less powerful and that structure may give rise to false image of target.
    It uses ramjet engine to enable its speed to exceed Mach 3.
    China’s Beidou navigation positioning system provides supplementary guidance to it so that it can be launched both on mobile truck or a warship. It can also strike land targets.
    It has the prospects for universalization to combine with A series rocket canons and M-20 theater missiles to form a weapon system with a range from 50 to 290 km to hit moving targets.


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