Showcase for the first time its new spacecraft that can send more than 10 objects into different orbits in one travel. It means one rocket can launch more than 10 satellites.
Both the US and Russia have developed such technology for 5 decades.
Now, China is catching up vigorously. The engine of the ‘air bus’ can restart more than 20 times when it flies in its orbits. The spacecraft’s structure efficiency exceeds 75% compared with spacecraft of the same scale. It can be used along with Changzheng-2D, Changzheng-2C, Changzheng-4B, Changzheng-4C and some other carrier rockets in service at present. It can also move old scrapped satellites out of useful orbits into “cemetery” orbits to prevent them from hindering other satellites and spacecrafts.
However, section “Huge Space Transport Rocket Yuanzheng I (referring to the ‘space bus’ which has not yet been given a codename) Will Serve China’s Moon, Mars Projects”
A professor in U.S. naval war college says that the preparations for the maiden launch of Changzheng V (referring to the “space bus” have been very difficult. The launch of the rocket has been delayed many times. However, “China’s persistence in the project reflects its will to become a space power. For the fulfillment of China’s ‘one step manned space travel’ plan formulated in 1993, a carrier vehicle with great boosting force is perhaps the most important hardware in the ‘puzzle’.”
Changzheng V rocket is China’s largest rocket ever with a diameter of 5.2 meters. It has to be assembled at the launching site as a train carrying it cannot pass a railway tunnel. That means China’s space program has been freed from railway restriction.
This blogger has to point out that the “space bus” regarded as Changzheng V outside China is to be in display at Zhuhai Airshow as a model. No test launch has ever been made. However, showcasing it indicates China’s confidence in ultimate successful development of the rocket.
Source: “China will showcase its ‘space bus’ able to launch 10 satellites in one travel”


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