JF-17 Thunder

Pakistan Air Force JF-17 fighter with CM-400AKG supersonic ground missiles 1.jpg

The 400 kg CM-400AKG (derivative from YJ-12) Wrecker is termed by CASIC as hypersonic since it can reach speed greater than Mach 5.5 at its terminal stage, and its guidance system includes GPS, onboard radar, and an image recognition system that can identify a specific target, it can also be pre-programed to destroy the ground targets with precision by uploading the digital imagery of the target or it can be re-targeted using its active radar seeker.

Originally developed as an air-to-surface missile (ASM) against fixed and slow moving target, an anti-shipping missile (AShM) is also developed for Pakistan, which claims it as "an aircraft carrier killer". The two different CM-400AKG models can be easily distinguished by the difference between the arrangement of forward control surfaces of the two model: the AShM version has four short and smaller forward control surfaces, while the ASM version has four much larger forward control surfaces.Pakistan is the first export customer of CM-400AKG, deploying it on CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder.
AVIC gives ranges of 100-240km for the two versions with their 150kg blast warhead or 200kg penetration warhead

High quality video of zhuhai air show

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