TV media CCTV gave a report at its Military Report program on January 31 on a test flight of new Z-18 helicopter.
It for the first time revealed that test flight pilot flew across the Everest when he flew a new Z-18 helicopter
to reach a new maximum height of 9,000 meters.

Z-18A - high altitude - 31.1.15 - 1.jpg
Z-18 can operate even in hight altitude such as in Tibet.


The timetable for the debut of high-speed helicopters(with speed 》400km/h)has been officially set:

中国在研新型高速直升机 时速将突破400千米|高原性能|作战需求_凤凰军事

So prototypes are expected within a couple of years。


Z-20, is similar to Black HAWK
Civil rescue operation  

Kilo class submarine HQ 184 Hải Phòng arrives in Cam Rant, Vietnam


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