HQ-17 is a one mobile platform , all system short and medium range air defense system.
While accompany armour unit providing air defense. It will move and scan at the same time. Once enemy air strike unit detected. Whole armour unit will stop and so as HQ-17. HQ-17 once stop and acquire enemy unit target. It can immediately fire and engage 2 unit at the same time. Its 12km missile range easily outrange ATGM carry by Gunship and will post seriously problem for CAS and attack helo.
Compare to HQ-16 which cannot move together with the mobile or armour units. This HQ-17 is a massive asset for PLA ground units. CAS and attack helo will be easily meat for this missile.

HQ-17 version of "Tor M1 SA-15" mass production (official media)   hq17_02.jpg  hq17_03.jpg  hq17_04.jpg


HQ-17's anti-aircraft missile displayed on 2014 ZhuHai Air Show
Russia Tor M1 SA-15

TransAsia plane crash landed in a Taipei river


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