Launch of Yu-8 anti-submarine missile in July 2015 drill. Photo from CCTV footage.

Yu-8 is a rocket boosted torpedo that can be launched by the vertical launch system (VLS) in Type 052 destroyers or on-deck launchers on other warships.
The VLS can launch both Yu-8 and HQ-16 air defense missiles while the launchers can launch both Yu-8 and YJ-83 anti-ship missiles. In fact, Yu-8 also has anti-ship capabilities.

As Yu-8 flies quickly in the air before it goes into water to hit its target submarine, it can hit a target further away and quicker than ordinary submerged torpedoes.

As it has similar capabilities to those of Russian SS-N-12 missiles, China has caught up with major world naval powers in anti-submarine capabilities when it has successfully developed its Yu-8 missile.
Some commentators believe that China has surpassed Japan in anti-submarine capabilities due to its successful deployment of Yu-8 says in its report on May 13 that according to Taiwan media, Chinese navy successfully tested Yu-8 anti-submarine missile during its major drill in July, 2015.

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