The newest version of the J-31 -- now renamed the FC-31 Gyrfalcon -- took to the air for the first time Friday.
The new FC-31 has "better stealth capabilities, improved electronic equipment and a larger payload capacity" than the previous version which debuted in October 2012.
"Changes were made to the airframe, wings and vertical tails which make it leaner, lighter and more manoeuvrable,"
The fighter is expected to sell for around $70 million, aiming to take market share away from more expensive fourth-generation fighters like the Eurofighter Typhoon.
AVIC, the manufactured  has said that the FC-31 will "put an end to some nations' monopolies on the fifth-generation fighter jet".

Improved J-31, second type of stealth fighter, successfully completes maiden flight

FC-31V2 maiden flight - 23.12.16 - 9.jpg

Mil.huanqiu.com reports that new version of J-31 (also known as FC-31) stealth fighter jet conducted its maiden flight in December. 23.
We see in the comparison in the change of the shape of horizontal tail, but mil.huanqiu.com says that there has also been changes to optimize its maneuverability, stealth and loading capacity.
It says that according to information provided by the producer, the warplane is 17.3 meters long and 4.8 meters high with a wingspan of 11.5 meters. Its ceiling is 16,000 meters, has a maximum takeoff weight of 28 metric tonnes, a flight radius of 1,250 kms and a top speed of Mach 1.8.
It can carry eight tonnes of weapons. The plane can hold six missiles in its internal weapons bay and another six under its wings.

The new FC-31 has state-of-the-art instruments such as helmet-mounted display and sight system, active phased array radar, infrared search and track system, integrated electro-optical targeting system and a single display-panel cockpit.
If the warplane satisfies the standards published by the producer, it will be an excellent high cost-effective medium-sized stealth fighter jet with large range, heavy load of ammunition and multi-function.

“The aircraft will have bright prospects in the market. Based on my experience and knowledge, I presume its price will be around USD 70 million, about half that of the US’ Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II,” Fu Qianshao, an aircraft expert said.
“Moreover, the fourth-generation, Euro-fighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale fighter jets are priced at about USD 100 million. All of these mean you can spend a lot less money to get an advanced, fifth-generation stealth combat plane,” Fu said.

The only fifth-generation fighter jet currently available in the market is the US’ F-35 Lightning II, but the US sells it only to allies.
J-31 is the only fighter jet in world market that has no generation gap with F-35. As it is much cheaper, it will grab a large market share from F-35.
The FC-31 was unveiled in October, 2012, when the first prototype made its maiden flight, becoming the country’s second fifth-generation fighter jet following the J-20, which conducted its first flight in January, 2011.

Test flight of new improved version of J-31

Test flight of new improved version of J-31

Test flight of new improved version of J-31

Comparison between old and new versions of J-31

Comparison between old and new versions of J-31




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  1. when count f35's price us govt want to get too much profit

  2. The now, current price for the up to date F-35 is lower than past cost.. Its $95 Million (USD).. And supposedly it has been performing very well, some say even past current expectations. In its last, and some say toughest test, it scored a 15-1 victory over other US/4th generation/legacy fighters, such as F-15's and F-16's. And it also performed all anti SAM attack, defend and suppress missions flawlessly. In fact the US Airforce version of the jet, the F-35A Lightning II, performed so well, in all the roles that the Red Flag exercises trained/tested it for, that many of the higher command within the US Airforce are just shy of calling for the stealth jet to be put on front line duties, be it limited still for Trining purposed. But no matter how you look at it, the F-35bis staring to, slowly, live up to its predicted expectations.. And now it has a significant drop in price, and who knows, this jet may actually become the beast of a machine it was intended to be. I'm not sure this early version of a Chinese stealth jet, J-31, will be able to match or even really compare to the F35 Lighting II.. But I'm sure between the J-20 and the J-31, that Chinese stealth and fighter jet technology will soon be a truly world leading product. I believe, even more so than Russian stealth & fighter technology, whom the Chinese kinda owe a little nod to. Because up til recently, the Chinese best jet engines were those either directly from Russian jets or reverse engineered Russian engines. With the new domestically produced engine, for the J-20, China will have its first truly domestically produced, 5th generation engine, that can match any current engines used today on any other 5th gen fighters currently operated by other nations.. So 2019, or so, we shall see these engines in the J-20, and we will see just how far and well the Chinese have done, not only in producing their very own 5th Gen fighter, but also in engine building and reliability..
    The future of fighter jets and stealth technology looms fascinating, if you're someone that enjoys the world of jets and the tech behind them. Because we are at the infancy of this technology, so who knows how far and where it'll go to, but it will definitely be a fun and amazing ride into the future of aerial combat and fighter jets..