J-20 Zhuhai 2016 China Stealth Fighter
A Flight Seen Around the World

Mil.huanqiu.com says that according to Taiwan’s ettoday.net, J-20 stealth fighter jet was commissioned on December 12 and has now been deployed in Dingxin Test and Training Center, Gansu Province.
As China keeps information of its J-20 strictly confidential, mil.huanqiu,com is used to reveal some secret information by quoting outside media’s reports.
According to ettoday.net, J-20 is more advanced than F-22 and F-35 as its AESA radar has more than 2,000 T/R modules while F-22’s has a little less than 2,000 and F-35’s, less than 1,600.
J-20’s front RCS, according to ettoday.net, is 0.1 square meter only a little larger than F-22’s, 0.065, but with stronger radar, it is not inferior to F-22 in terms of invisibility.
Ettoday.net says that in air combat drill, J-20 beat third-generation fighter jets such as J-10, J-11 and Su-30 with the score of 10 to 0.

China J-20 Dingxin CTFE
Dingxin Base
This satellite image of the CTFE base in Dingxin, likely taken in November 2016, shows two CTFE J-20s parked next to Y-9 transport planes.

China is officially the second nation in the world (U.S. was the first) to have an operational fifth-generation fighter unit. The country's first J-20 stealth fighter unit is now operational in the 176th Brigade, a unit in the China Flight Test Establishment (CFTE). The public debut comes just under six years from its prototype flight, a speedy delivery by any measure.

J-20 China stealth fighter Chengdu
Fresh off the Factory Florr
This late 2016 photo at the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation factory shows three LRIP J-20s.

Judging from observed sightings of LRIP J-20s in the past year, there could be between eight to twelve J-20s now stationed at Dingxin airbase, enough to set up a squadron for combat operations.
A variety of internet reports have covered the J-20s joining the unit: At least two J-20s were observed in a late November 2016 satellite photo of the Dingxin air base, a CFTE establishment. December 2016 photos on the Chinese Internet forums show J-20s with operational serial numbers painted on the vertical tailfins.
Chinese aviation expert Dafeng Cao posted that the PLAAF received six J-20s on Dec. 12, which makes sense considering a photo surfaced earlier this month that showed three LRIP J-20s on the runway at the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation factory, possibly ready for that transfer.
Previously, several LRIP J-20s were already produced starting in late 2015, with four J-20s (production airframes 2101-2104) delivered by June 2016, and at least several more J-20s produced after that.

China J-20 stealth fighter 78274
Andreas Rupprecht
"78274" is seen on the CAC factory tarmac. The J-20 stealth fighter is already beginning its first unit operations.

While intriguing to see J-20s operational, these will not be the final version of the J-20's design. While the plane currently uses advanced avionics including AESA radar and electro-optical distributed aperture system, it uses a high-performance variant of the Russian AL-31 turbofan engine. Once the supercruise-capable WS-15 engine enters service in 2019-2021, large-scale production of faster J-20s will commence. Popular Science


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