HQ-9A air defense missiles

China's HQ-9A air defense missiles
Eastday.com says in its report that HQ-9A has deploy in ground forces since January 2001 and the naval version of HQ-9A since a later date.
HQ-9A is more advanced than S-300 by 5-10 years. It is more powerful due to the use of high-energy solid fuel and the better synthetic materials that have reduced the weight of its engine and structure.
It has a maximum range of 200km and height of 40km.
The most wonderful part of HQ-9A is its SJ series of phased array radar similar to Patriot-3 but better that that used in S-300.
It can track 100 targets within 300km and under Mach 7 at the same time and select 6 targets with the greatest threat and allocated them to its launch vehicles.


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