China's mobile ICBMs
Mobile ICBMs

China's mobile ICBM
Mobile ICBM

According to China’s, US intelligence has learnt that China is developing a new type of nuclear missile with absolute superiority.
The missile is given the code name “Light of North Pole”. It can carry 7 to 21 nuclear warheads depending on the density and scale of its attack. As it hits its target with one warhead going straight down deep underground at high speed and another going down at reduced speed to explode about 100 meters above the target simultaneously with the underground one, its two explosions will have the power 5-10 times greater than a single warhead. In addition, it can carry a cruise missile along with the two ballistic warheads to hit their target to enhance the power of the explosion of the two.
It has a range of 24,000 km to hit anywhere in the world and cannot be intercepted because the radar in its head is able to detect mid-course interceptor so that before being hit it can release its warheads that are separately guided to hit their respective targets.
A US intelligence official unwilling to disclose his name has revealed that the hit of one such missile may paralyze half the United States. However, he believes it will take 10 to 15 years for China to really be able to deploy such ICBMs. The hardest problem for China to resolve is the computer radar in its major warhead, but there has been information that China has solved that problem.
The ICBM may be launched from underwater or space and may be one of the integrated space and air capabilities China is developing.


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