Figure new hypersonic aircraft shape Imaginative

Dongfeng military (东风军事网-最新热点军事资讯网 The so-called hypersonic airplane hypersonic aircraft is a member of the family, in general, we will fly faster than 6200 kilometers per hour, the aircraft became hypersonic aircraft and manned superb sonic referred to as hypersonic aircraft aircraft, currently the fastest man-made flying military aircraft in the United States SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, its flight speed of not more than an hour 4000 kilometers, and let the driver safety ride in a flight within faster than Mach 5 or more aircraft, its technical requirements are high

September 18, according to the aviation industry, state media reported recently, the center of a new hypersonic flight demonstrator flight test is successful, the article said, "the aircraft mission profile special, unique way flight, flight speed and height is far more than the test since the center was established for all other test models. "

The article also includes a first exposure this not only hypersonic aircraft, but also has a test pilot, the article said:. "A few hours after takeoff, an airline task completion dark aircraft, from wide-angle deep sky dive close to chic complete flare, light to float to the airport runway, the whole process is like a sword sheath also accurate chic. " The article describes the plane quintana dark, due to hypersonic aircraft flying at high speed, the surface temperature of the black high-temperature insulation materials need to ensure that the body, so this description can be basically confirmed hypersonic flight characteristics of the aircraft, in addition to reports that flight I grew up in a few hours time, also beyond the Chinese media this aircraft powered maturity guess.

It reported that "the flight test center to achieve a breakthrough in the field of hypersonic flight, flag flight test center in kind, art is more mature. New areas, new challenges, flight test center for young people, here is a new starting point, China will witness a faster pace and that China attaches a higher place, it is the beginning of a dream place. "

At present, humans can achieve hypersonic flight are basically two ways, one is propelled gliding, both aircraft itself is not power, accelerated by providing speed boosters, our multiple tests of WU-14 aircraft belonging to this one type. Another is to use a turbine, rocket, stamping and other pulse detonation engine based tandem engine turbine based combined. The so-called tandem-type turbine based combined cycle engine, that is, the simple combination of different types of engines, different Mach number range, using only one engine, i.e., the use of the relay-type work.

The United States in the development of SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft J-58 engine used to belong to the aforementioned combined engine, visible power is the key to the development of this aircraft. In the August 25, AVIC Qingan engine group more products program evaluation research reports related stories, a so-called "tandem engine turbo punch combination" first appeared, and confirm this new research engine will "as an aircraft supporting. " Referred to here is the above-mentioned article reported the hypersonic demonstrator. Test flight from the aircraft flight test center has been transferred, it is clear already conducted several test aircraft to verify the basic flight performance.

According to military experts say China a "tandem engine turbo punch combination" secret aircraft project has been carried out over seven years, the outside world that this aircraft is the China project total catch Chengdu Aircraft Research Institute developed a "black technology" project. Hang from media reports, China's new hypersonic manned aircraft substantially similar to the United States SR-71 "Blackbird" strategic reconnaissance aircraft, but the aircraft's flight index will surpass the US SR-71 "Blackbird", the highest flight speed reaches nearly 5 times to 7 times the speed of sound, which is the upper limit of human technology manned aircraft. Fraser military experts believe that China is currently pre-research of this hypersonic aircraft will probably have a similar multi-purpose design requirements, if deemed strategic bombers can bomb Tokyo within 20 minutes, the bombing of Guam within 50 minutes. Interestingly, Japan and the US media this time choose the collective silence.

Military experts for further analysis, said Fraser, currently the world's countries to carry out research of hypersonic aircraft, although many, but really were not much to the practical stage, to create a demonstrator or prototype two countries only China and the US, can be seen the degree of difficulty of this technology is high, Chinese research on such aircraft generally reflects that China has caught up with the United States in an area hypersonic research aircraft, on the whole, if the report does have a manned aircraft the ability to fly, then the machine will be publicly reported, the world's fastest airplane flight.

Since the flight speed can make it easier to avoid the hypersonic aircraft of enemy air defense missiles to fight back, so a hypersonic aircraft with an excellent platform to use as a strategic reconnaissance, while the platform as a strategic strike, hypersonic aircraft can also carry anti-ship missile high-speed assault on enemy aircraft, also can carry cruise missiles on enemy targets in depth "surgical" precision strike. From this point of view after several high supersonic combat aircraft and anti-ship missile that is has become a hypersonic aircraft, China's another trump card.


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  1. I think an stealth airplane flew at mach 6 speed for several hours and landed o0n September 18,2015

  2. On June 22,2016 Chen Guang developed an aircraft engine alloy 50% better than 4822 alloy used in GEnx jet engines that power Beoing 787.With this new alloy AECC,20 billion dollars and 100 thousand employees,will manufacture the turbo-scram jet engine (not for sale yet) and the WS-15 engine for the J-31(for sale to Pakistan,Iran and maybe Saudi Arabia)At the last Zhuhai Air Show China sold 128 PLZ-45 155mm Artillery vehicles for 7.4 million dollars each over the objection of the US to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.The PLZ-45 are being used in Yemen

  3. The picture looks like the 6th generation stealth J-28 that flew for several hours at mach 6 speed and landed on September 18,2015.I think it used two Wang Zhengou turbo-scram jet engines and Shou-En Zhu low cost grapheme alloy airframe.